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Graded 'A' by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

Buy 4 hours in advance at £38 per hour.     Standard pay as you go price is £40 per hour


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 Hi, my name is Darren and I'm a DVSA approved driving instructor based in Kimberley, Nottinghamshire and offering driving lessons in Kimberley,  Eastwood and Watnall. I offer a friendly and straight forward approach to learning to drive by giving you the freedom to choose what we do on the driving lesson, and how we do it. Every pupil receives a progress sheet on lesson one so we can see just how far you are progressing with each driving lesson, and how much further there is to go on your way to the practical test. All driving lessons are structured so as to be dealing with at least one of the subjects on the test syllabus to ensure maximum progress and avoid any time wasting.  

I fully understand that taking driving lessons with someone new, either for the first time or after a break can feel daunting and a bit scary. I can assure you that no matter what mistakes you make I will never shout at you, tell you off, or put you down. Any time that something doesn't go quite right we would simply have a calm and straight forward discussion about what had gone wrong, and what we would need to do differently next time.

    As far as I'm concerned, if you never made mistakes on your driving lessons then it would be a bit pointless doing them, as you'd already be a perfect driver and in no need of tuition. I have dual controls in the car so if you do make mistakes I will still be able to keep us, and the other people on the road safe.


Services I provide:

Absolute beginner driving lessons: entire syllabus from start to finish
Part trained driver lessons: only the subjects you've not covered before
Lessons for people who were part trained or test ready, then had a break and now want to resume their training
Theory test help